Sunday, April 24, 2011

Slater Young's House at Cebu

(Posted Feb 11, 2011 at 11:10pm)

After the very successful concert of Jovit Baldovino (where our very own pop classical balladeer Markki Stroem was a guest) at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu we went to visit the house of one of our new talents Slater Young. Although I already had an idea how his house looks like via FB pics but seeing it first hand was a totally different experience altogether.
The wooden mansion was on top of the hill overlooking Cebu. Legend says they had to demolish Ten stories of hardened rock to flatten and build the house' foundation. The walls of the house if not wood were made of glasses making the breathtaking view outside accessible from within. The furniture were "only" care of Kenneth Cobonpue and other local luminaries. The size of the rooms were of Goliath proportion and the closets... yes the closets made me feel poor as hell. A family of 5 can actually fit in Slaters closet not to mention his shower which recreates an indoor rainfall where as one takes his bath he can gaze at the beauty of the metropolis.
Even the lizard squatting in their house happens to be a gigantic gecko- the type usually seen in zoos here in Manila.
Oh yes going to such houses makes you awe and at the same time makes you curse- haha ;) But it was a fun trip nonetheless.
As such, as consolation to this life of poverty in the light of such great earthly wealth, Erickson reminded us of our surefire hope which is a mansion in HEAVEN. Ayos!!!! ;)

Thanks Jan Slater Young for being such a humble, wonderful host. Ton Lao for the great company. Marks Straw for making concert trips wickedly enjoyable. And Erickson Raymundo for being such living and talking entertainment almanac- He's the only person I know who knows every lyric of Sonia Singson's "Isang Dakot" and remembers Misty Blue of That's Entertainment... And yes, He also never fails to remind us he remembers them all ;)


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  2. Grabe super yaman pala talaga ni Slater..Napaka-humble nya! Di man lang makitaan ng yabang sa katawan!

  3. I also want this kind of house and lot Cebu. Great! I'm so excited to have one.