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Luneta Park with Acel Bisa

(Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 4:54pm)

February 11. Acel was invited as guest singer in Kim Atienza's educational show called "Matanglawin". It was the show's Valentine episode thus the topic talks about love. And guess where the location of the shoot was... Nowhere else but in the love park of the country... Luneta Park...

To be honest I don't have high expectations when they said the shoot will be in Luneta. Of course the name itself brings images of a place where homeless people are sleeping, frantic children are begging, and illicit lovers are hiding- during their day offs.
But as work would demand it, off we go to Luneta.

When we arrived at the place... I was shocked to see how Luneta has changed... Shocked to see how it has changed for the good. The place was squeaky clean in almost every area. The statues and monuments were in decent shape, all the greens are well taken care off capped by very neat sari-sari stores scattered across the area. The park also has an efficient security team where there are officers stationed on every corner. There were even Calesas and a custom-made shuttle bus roaming around the park. Acel and I were impressed and were gazing at the park as if its the first time we've been there.

Thenthe production team started the shoot. Their concept was like that of a music video- well more of like the music videos you would see in videoke machines- where there are two lovers cuddling in the park while Acel sings her monster hit "One Love" in the background. Then out of nowhere Kim Atienza would come in and do his spiels regarding the mechanics of Love. The shoot turned out really nice and fun to look at. (*** The researcher even told me- after that episode was aired last Feb. 14- the bosses at ABS commended their team for that particular episode. Congrats RA! )

As I was enjoying the morning air, seating at a shade near the fountain area (where you could also see the map of the Philippines), I can' help but appreciate a flock of doves enjoying their sanctuary in the park. I remember Acel reading some parts of the script and pointing out one fact about doves. The reason why they use doves as one of the symbols in weddings is because they are monogamous creatures. When a partner of a dove dies, the one left behind would "most likely" die alone. They can only have "One Love".

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of people. But of course, that's another topic altogether.

*** The multi-awarded educational show, "Matanglawin" airs every Sunday 11am on ABS-CBN.


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