Monday, May 23, 2011

The Roller Coaster Night at Dumaguete

May 20'2011 Sat- After a long motorcade capped by a Culminating Program at the City Hall in Dumaguete for the Kabulakan Festival, all of us were treated to a fun night of partying, dancing, etc. at the different bars in the city. Isabel Oli and her Handler, Neil Coleta of "100 Days", Ricardo (alias "Joana") our booking agent, Markki Stroem and most especially Dr. Rico- our very generous sponsor- proved to be the ideal and the most lethal party companions. All of them are legit cowboys- most particularly and very surprisingly Isabel Oli who humorously braved every situation thrown at us. From eating chicharon while listening to the "Classic Rock Birit" Bands to going to another bar to dance and wine with the city's top socialites, the night went so fast we had no time to emotionally prepare for what's next thus we just ended laughing all throughout. The festive place and the happy company made the night more than just work- it became a memorable roller coaster ride. ;)

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